Instrumental in Our Success Securing More Work

 As a GIS analyst who specializes in the quantitative analysis and knowledge transfer of population and demographic statistics, my work involves complex concepts and technical software applications. When I need to describe and explain those aspects of my work in website content, proposals and reports, I look to Linda for assistance.

Despite having no background in GIS or statistics, Linda works with me to understand the main ideas and convey them in a concise and simple way that makes sense to people with limited understanding of GIS and its uses, without dumbing down the information for those who are proficient in it.

Linda’s involvement has improved the overall quality of our writing and has been instrumental in our success in securing more work through the proposal process.

Tim Albert
Manager, GIS Services
WSP Group | Focus Corporation
Victoria, British Columbia

Helps Make Sense of Things – Fast!

When I’m having trouble getting my thoughts on paper and my other commitments are calling, I know Linda can help make sense of things and get my project done and out the door. She saves me time, worry and frustration. Even more, she does an excellent job of interpreting my ideas, finding the gaps that need to be filled and writing a complete, persuasive and – best of all – interesting document. So far, she’s helped me with proposals and awards submissions. I can say with confidence: if you need to make drainage systems sound fascinating, she’s your writer!

Dave Wilson, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager/Branch Manager
while at WSP Group | Focus Corporation
Regina, Saskatchewan

Breathes New Life Into Our Communications Materials

I first called Linda to polish a long complex proposal that had been produced by several writers. She looked at it with the fresh eyes of someone who did not know the people involved, the intent behind their words or the strategies they had undertaken to get their points across.

Linda’s distance from our company and the project allowed her to see the proposal for what it was – and from the perspective of our readers. She eliminated technical jargon, tied together disparate sections, made the language consistent and suggested many helpful strategies that we could use to make the entire proposal more persuasive and powerful.

She also provided us with an insightful critique that included practical suggestions for structural and stylistic improvements. By incorporating those suggestions into our proposal writing processes, we now produce more persuasive proposals and, in the process, more consistent material that we can re-purpose into other documents, saving us time and money in the long run.

I was a little concerned that the time difference or the physical distance between British Columbia and Ontario might be problematic, but I had no difficulties with either. In fact, sometimes the time difference was almost advantageous! Communication with Linda is always easy over the phone and via email, and I feel that nothing is lost because we live in different cities.

Since that first proposal, Linda has helped write and edit several important internal and external documents for Corix. Her objectivity, research and questioning skills, and ability to convey complex and technical information in a way that people outside of our industry can understand have breathed new life into our communication materials.

Joanne Thomson
Director, Marketing
Corix Infrastructure
Langley, British Columbia

Gives Me Peace of Mind

“I appreciate that I can give Linda an outline, draft or idea and know that she will run with it. In the process of creating our newsletter and annual report content, she researches topics, interviews Victoria Airport Authority’s stakeholders and works within our guidelines to produce copy that suits our corporate brand and style.

It gives me peace of mind to know that Linda’s work will be done well, on schedule and within budget. Linda is highly professional and very creative. I enjoy working with Linda and would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and versatile writer and editor.

Melinda Orlowski
Executive Assistant, Office of the President & CEO and Board of Directors
Victoria Airport Authority
Victoria, British Columbia

Saves Us Time and Money

I had thought that it would be faster and more affordable to write all our marketing copy in house, but I found that Linda can glean our ideas, do the background research necessary to give them substance and put them into words quickly. She saves time in our production schedule by turning around her assignments fast and providing great drafts that require very little additional input, which ultimately saves us money.

I’d definitely recommend Linda for any writing or editing work you may need to have done. Good writing is the foundation of effective marketing material, and Linda consistently produces excellent copy, quickly and with minimal supervision.

Steve Power
National Director, Marketing
WSP Group | Focus Corporation
Calgary, Alberta