Powerful Writing. Positive Results.

Make a good first impression – and keep it – with interesting, engaging and powerful writing.

Whether it’s sales collateral, an RFP response or your corporate website, your information – and the way it’s delivered – affect your professional reputation and influence your success.

Need Some Writing/Editing Help?

Do you need a contract writer to help with a proposal whose deadline is looming? Maybe you need a dedicated writer to ensure that all your business development materials are well-crafted and compelling?

Need to encourage somebody somewhere to do something? That’s my specialty!

With me on your team, you have

A Reliable Partner

Producing crucial documents under the pressure of deadlines can be stressful. I get it.

I’ll work with you to identify requirements, risks and opportunities. Then I’ll dedicate my time to delivering your project on time and within budget.

An Objective Third Party

I’m not an expert in your profession. And that’s a good thing!

My position outside of your specialty gives me an advantage that you’ve lost: I see things objectively, from the perspective of your reader. My ‘fresh eyes’ allow me to see and fix problems that, let’s face it, you have either grown to love or learned to accept.

An Effective Collaborator

Whether you are writing a proposal for new work or the final report on a project completed, your audience is looking to you for your expertise.

You’re the expert. I’m the wordsmith. I will help you express your complex ideas and facts. Your readers will understand and see the value in your approach.

A Quick Learner

I learn fast, finding facts, ideas and relationships to describe your products or services effectively.

Technical communication is more than just writing. With perceptive questioning, critical thinking and solid interviewing skills, I will help strip away the complexity of your subject matter. Let’s present your information clearly and concisely, so your non-professional readers will enjoy reading it.

An Experienced Team Player

I’ve been writing technical and business material for more than 20 years. I have worked in the telecommunications, multi-disciplinary engineering, landscape architecture, construction development, GIS, utilities and retirement services industries.

Take advantage of my experience with usability, readability, plain language, scheduling, quality assurance, version control, interviewing, research and document design.

I have a BA in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo and a certificate in Fundraising Management from Okanagan University College and the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (now Imagine Canada.)

I’m a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada and the International Association of Business Communicators and a former volunteer co-coordinator of the Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph group of the Editors’ Association of Canada.

A Geeky Word Nerd

There’s so much more to great writing than just perfect grammar! The intersections between writing, storytelling, psychology, usability and design provide exciting opportunities to make your information attractive and influential.

I’ll maximize the effectiveness of your technical and business writing. Stick with me and you’ll learn how to make your writing stronger and more effective.


Let’s put some power behind your words.

We can make your technical and business writing work better for you.

But don’t just take my word for it.